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You Have Reached the Realm of Cindy Lynn...

The One Around Whose Nose the World Revolves.

Enter if you dare.

Here you will find everything you wished to know about me!

Magical Me!










~*~All About Me~*~


Hello! Cindy Lynn speaking. This web page was designed to let YOU know a little more about ME.

I am a sophomore in high school this year and I live in a Getaway in the Bahamas. Okay, so that's a lie, but close enough…

I love to write and I am a voracious reader! Some of my favorite books and authors are listed below. I also have a collection of my "writings" up here, from the time I started writing until pretty recently. These include poems, stories, and novels – one of which the first "novel" (all of twelve pages!) I ever wrote, starring a princess, a kitchen-maid, and two nefarious villains named after inhaled medications. There are even a few more interesting essays and writing assignments posted up there. Right now I'm working on a novel about Beauty (of Beauty and the Beast)'s oldest sister. Depressing, but good. ;-)

I also love music. It is my thing! All my life I wanted my mom to let me learn to play the violin, but she resisted…until I picked up a violin at my cousin’s house and taught myself to play! Now I’m going on five years of playing and loving it. I play in a youth orchestra and assist in two others, as well as teaching private violin lessons on my own. I enjoy all kinds of music, and even compose my own sometimes!

I love to eat chocolate, and prefer going barefoot over any form of footwear. (I wonder why my mom has a problem with bare feet in 55° weather?) I love stories, movies, and EVERYTHING to do with the Regency time period (think: Jane Austen) and even had my mom make me a Regency era dress (pictures coming soon, I hope!) for this year's Sweetheart's Ball and, later, Halloween! ;-) I love to e-mail my friends and chat via AOL Instant Messenger, and I often use emoticon smilies to express my feelings. ;-) I collect big words and add them to my vocabulary. Granted, I generally butcher the pronunciations…but it’s fun anyway. My favorite place to visit is the beach, and I'm looking forward to my month-long trip to Utah this summer!

(My LiveJournal)

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite things…


What a BEAUTIFUL line...

school image

Favorite Subjects

My favorite subject is definitely English! I’m in my sophomore year in high school and enjoy both my correspondence English course and a local homeschooler’s class. I’ve read lots of great books and written lots of interesting papers through both classes! I'm even (surprise, surprise!) enjoying math at the moment. I just finished a basic Algebra course and now I'm doing intro to Geometry - hey, drawing triangles is fun! …another of my favorites is History. This year I'm doing a highly interesting unit - the History of God's Kingdom. Not only does it have WONDERFUL fiction to go along with it, but it's fascinating and I hope to come out enriched and knowledgeable on all things to do with God's Kingdom.

What a 



I have numerous hobbies, and writing is at the top of the list. I love to write, both "fanfiction" and original stories. I also love to read – some of my favorite books are listed below. Another hobby/job I’ve picked up this year is teaching violin. Since I discovered a couple of years ago that what I wanted out of life was to be a violin teacher, I’ve acquired a few students, and I love it! I also like playing around on the computer – e-mailing, chatting with my friends, and haunting the Young Adult Reading Group at (a FABULOUS book discussion site).



Favorite Books

As I said earlier, I love to read. I generally prefer fiction (especially fantasy!), and some of my favorite stories and authors are...

Favorite Books

Beauty, by Robin McKinley. This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. A retelling of the story Beauty and the Beast, it's a truly wonderful book! Beauty is a pragmatic, plain girl from a bankrupt family, who is forced to move with her father and sisters from the big city to a small village. When her father comes back from a long journey with a wild tale of a hideous Beast locked away in a tower, Beauty knows that she must go to take her father’s place…

The Harry Potter books, by J.K. Rowling. Probably no surprise there, as the rest of the world as well as myself are Harry Potter maniacs, but I thought I'd mention them anyway. This is a delightful, witty and readable series about a young boy (Harry Potter) who learns on his eleventh birthday that he is a wizard. Whisked off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry makes new friends, battles old evils, and learns the tricky art of spellcasting.
Check out this online-roleplay my friend and I created based on the Harry Potter series! "ISS"

The Obernewtyn Chronicles, by Isobelle Carmody. Written by an Australian author, this as-of-yet-unfinished series (starting with Obernewtyn) is a fascinating science-fiction-fantasy taking place after a great nuclear holocaust known as the Great White. It details the life of Elspeth Gordie, an orphan with unnatural "farseeking" (telepathic) powers. Though the first one is my favorite, all of the books are fascinating, vibrant, and well worth a read. (Note: I said "unfinished" earlier - the series has one more book in the writing right now. Also, the fourth book (The Keeping Place) is extremely hard to get ahold of as it's currently only published in Australia. Obernewtyn, however, can be read as a stand alone book.)

The Hero and the Crown, also by Robin McKinley. Another of my favorite books, it is a fairy tale in its own right. Here is the story of Aerin of Damar, the awkward, painfully self-conscious daughter of the King of Damar. Rumor has it that Aerin’s mother was a witch from the North, and for this she is despised. Driven to gain her father’s respect, Aerin teaches herself the difficult and menial art of dragonslaying, but only earns the censure of the Damarian court. But when Damar is cast into greater perils than small dragons, Aerin alone can save her country.

The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien. Considered by many to be the best literary work of our time, here we have the story of Frodo – the small, insignificant Hobbit – who must change the fate of his world by destroying the Ring of Power, the one thing that can enable the Dark Lord Sauron to establish a rule over all of Middle-Earth.

Favorite Authors

Lloyd Alexander – He has to be my favorite author, ever. All of his books are fresh, exciting, witty, exhilarating, funny, and you can’t put any of them down. My favorites are probably the Prydain Cycle – the five-book tale of Taran, Assistant Pig-Keeper of Caer Dallben, who wants to be a hero. His best single book would have to be The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha, although The Marvelous Misadventures of Sebastian definitely is a close second. Also really wonderful is Westmark, the story of the devil Theo (printer's devil, that is!) and his part in restoring the Princess Augusta to the Throne of Westmark and ousting the evil minister Cabbarus. All of his books are carefully set in different cultures (some examples: the Prydain Chronicles are based on Welsh mythology; The Arkadians is based on Greek mythology; The Rope Trick is modeled after Italian culture, Lukas-Kasha is distinctly Arabian, and so on.)

Jane Austen - A nineteenth-century authoress, considered by many to be one of the best writers of the century. Her novels are beautiful depictions of Regency-era lifestyles. My favorites are probably Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion (what could be better than "you pierce my soul!").

Orson Scott Card - An amazing writer with a wide range of books! From his incredible science-fiction series that includes Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon to his "Women of Genesis" soon-to-be trilogy, his books are fast, well-written, and impossible to put down.

Patricia C. Wrede - A wonderful writer of fantasy with a very fun sense of humor. Her Enchanted Forest Chronicles (Dealing With Dragons, Searching For Dragons, Calling On Dragons and Talking to Dragons) are laugh-out-loud funny and her Magician books (Mairelon the Magician and Magician's Ward) have come to be some of my favorites.



Favorite Music

I like all different kinds of music! My favorites are probably classical and musical songs, but I also enjoy listening to "pop/soft rock" and "country". ;-) I've decided that my favorite-ever song is "Only Hope" (Mandy Moore) as it really symbolizes my beliefs about God. I also really like "A Thousand Miles" and "Ordinary Day" (Vanessa Carlton), "Cry" (Mandy Moore), "A Home" (Dixie Chicks) and various songs by Shania Twain (most specifically "Up!"). My all-time favorite singer very well might be Josh Groban. Some of my other favorites are Mandy Moore, Vanessa Carlton, Shania Twain, Jericho Road (LDS group that is absolutely WONDERFUL), Cherie Call (my favorite LDS artist), and another LDS artist, Nancy Hanson. Oh yeah, and anything on any EFY cd ever. =)

I also like to compose my own music! I've entered a yearly composition competition near here three times (once I even placed second in the state). My most recent completed composition has three different forms - a piano solo, a piano/violin duet, and a piece for string orchestra. The orchestra arrangement was actually played by my String School's intermediate orchestra in their last concert!

The song playing here (you should hear it if you have Internet Explorer) is a little piano composition called "Serenity" (one of my personal favorites!). To hear more of my compositions, arrangements and performances, check out My Music!



Favorite Movies

My favorite movies are probably Emma, (Gwyneth Paltrow), The Fellowship of the Ring (Elijah Wood), Possession (Gwyneth Paltrow), Anne of Green Gables (Meagan Follows), Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth), Charly (Heather Beers) and You've Got Mail (Meg Ryan). If you haven't noticed the trend, I really enjoy Victorian movies - especially ones based on Jane Austen novels. Some movies I've watched recently: Not many! The Prince and Me (Very, very cute and surprisingly clean!), The Return of the King (INCREDIBLE! GO SEE IT!), Emma (as usual! can't beat it!).




Friends make the world turn!!! I've got a wide variety, too! There's Sara, Best Friend and Fellow Regency Obsessee (check out her webpage and LiveJournal ); Gwen, Best Friend, Pseudo-Sister and co-editor of the Jenny-Amy Herald; Anne, Dance-shy Violin-Student-not-really; Mary, Perfect-enough-for-me Queen of the Peniphanies (check out her LiveJournal); Geni, Fellow Funeral Creator; Seiamses, Maddening Scientest; Casey, Hyper Extraordinaire; Abby, the Amazing ;-) , and Jessica, Bestest Cousin ;-)

If you don't see your name here and want it, feel free to corner me in a dark alley some night to sort it out... >:-D


My CF (Cystic Fibrosis)

Ever since I was born, I've had cystic fibrosis. I was diagnosed at 6 months after being sick for two months. I was in the hospital five times by the time I was one year old. Each time was because I would get dehydrated and they would have to use an IV to bring my sodium levels back to normal. My parents were afraid that I was going to die.

They got to spend their first wedding anniversary in the hospital with me and a HUGE cake made by my dad's friend. They shared it with all the doctors and nurses and then with everyone at the apartments we lived in when we got home. Of course, I don't remember any of this; it is just what my dad told me!

I have written a fairy tale with some of the medicines I take as the villains. It is posted on the "Writings" page along with it's re-make, "The Princess in the Tower II", which I wrote when I was twelve as a comparison work.

I have also created a Yahoo e-mail group for teenagers (ages 11 or 12-20) with CF, siblings with CF, or friends with CF! I am hoping that this will be a place where people with and interested in CF can come together and chat, exchange ideas, moan if needed, and get to know other people with CF. The homepage is and the group e-mail is There are three ways to subscribe: via the website, via e-mail ( and via the box below!

Click to subscribe to teenswithcf