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My Music

Here is a selection of My Music - songs that I have written, arranged, or performed.



Here are some of my compositions! Most are recorded right on my piano. I'm hoping to be able to put the orchestra recording of "Memories of Water" up as soon as I get it!


This is the song that you heard playing on the main page.

Memories of Water (piano)

This is the "big" composition that I've been focusing on for over a year! This recording is the piano-solo format. I've also written it to be a piano-violin duet and arranged it for string orchestra.

Memories of Water (orchestra)

This is the Duke University String School Intermediate II orchestra playing my piece.

Vanity Fair

This is a short piece I wrote in the style of a Baroque Allegro.


Coming soon...


The Left-Handed Pianist
These are songs played only with my left hand! They were recorded when I had a PICC line in and couldn't play right-handed piano.


By Johann Pachelbel

Prelude in G Major

By Johann Sebastian Bach


By Georg Friedrich Handel

Fantasia in D Minor

By Georg Phillip Telemann
(My favorite!)

Violin Performances
Coming soon...

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