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As I sit here, Coughing and Crying

By Cindy Lynn Ray, age 11

As I sit here coughing and crying,

I think "Why does this happen to me?

"How could my father pick this child,

To bear a burden, of no end I can see?


I do CF treatments for my body,

I search the scriptures for my spirit.

Is Jesus whispering words of comfort?

Then why oh why donít I hear it?


As I sit here I feel so forsaken,

A lost and alone little lamb,

If Jesus really did suffer,

Why does he not take my hand?


Then out of the darkness he whispers,

"My child, I love you very much.

"I chose your Cystic Fibrosis,

"For with me, you can bear such."


A warmth then fills up my spirit,

A warmth, a fathomless love,

I feel comfort from Father in Heaven,

My family, dwelling above.


I know now that I will survive it,

With the help of my Father and Brother,

A feeling enters my heart,

The gentle voice of my Father.


"I can do it!" my soul cries, rejoicing.

"I can survive this great burden, my trial!"

My heart (not my lungs) feels much better,

"My strength has progressed a mile!