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One year and counting.

A year ago they came

Destroyed our freedom,

Took our lives.

A year ago the came

Decimated our landmarks,


They boosted our pride.

As a nation

For the first time

We drew together,

Seeking solace in each other.

Mothers thought twice

Before simply leaving their children

Without a second thought.



Before isolating themselves

From those around.

There was prayer in schools

And the Declaration of Independence was upheld

For the first time

In a while.

But we forgot really soon

We forgot, and went back

To how it was.

We didn’t remember the trauma

The fire, the smoke, the dying

That we’d witnessed together

As a nation.

We forgot it all,

And drew apart.

Until the day

When names were read.

Several thousand names were read.

It took a while –

Hours, in fact.

Each and every single person

Who was a victim of terrorist destruction

Was honored

A tearful tribute

To the martyrs of last year.

But then the twelfth of September,

Two thousand and two,

Came about,

And we forgot again.

Is it too much trouble

To remember the martyrs?

Is it too much trouble?